Karl and Susan tackle Sunny and Zeke’s romance

Susan and Karl decide they need to find out what’s really going on between Zeke and Sunny. After an acutely embarrassing conversation about hens and roosters with Susan, Sunny assumes that Zeke told Susan that their relationship was (or was about to become) physical.

Zeke vehemently denies this and the pair come to realise that they’re happy just the way they are. But Sunny’s parents still loom as a threat – especially after Karl decides they need to be told about Zeke returning to live under the same roof as their daughter. How will they take the news?

Lyn is devastated by the article about her in the Erinsborough News and Susan is rocked that Rebecca has stooped to Paul-like behaviour. Rebecca’s concerned she’s gone too far and she discovers the story has stopped Lyn getting the loan she needed to move back to Shelley Bay.

Guilty and ashamed of her role in the article, Rebecca offers to bury the hatchet and a seemingly compliant Lyn agrees. But when it is revealed that Steph has bought the Parker house for her mother to live in Rebecca discovers the painful truth – that Lyn has no intention of abiding by their ceasefire. What can Paul and Rebecca do now?

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