Karl comes home… and finds Angus!

With pictures of she and Angus all over the local paper, Rachel begins to suffer from the glare of public outrage. Feeling unsupported by her friends, Rachel declares that her love for Angus is unshakeable. But a rock thrown through Angus’ window shatters that illusion too.

Ringo eventually admits he was responsible for the graffiti, much to Rachel’s disgust. Rachel tests her family’s support by asking them to put up Angus for the night, and Susan reluctantly agrees. Meanwhile, oblivious Karl is in for the shock of his life when he comes home early…

Declan and Bridget’s relationship is tested when her old flame Josh turns up. Josh’s presence provides welcome relief for Bridget from her family dramas, and she inadvertently sends him mixed signals. But when Declan gets the wrong idea, Bridget comes up with a plan to have a tattoo to prove her love for Declan, and give him an 18th birthday present he’ll never forget. The only problem is, she is underage, so Donna offers to help her with her fake ID.

Also, lonely Miranda tries to win back her absent family through food deliveries.

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