Karl considers killing Dev! (VIDEO)

Dev’s relentless digging is taking it’s toll on Karl and when Dev reveals he’s asked the police to look at the CCTV footage from the hospital to see if anyone had access to Sunita’s room it’s the last thing Karl needs to hear. Will the police agree to re-open the case? Back at the Alahans Karl’s rattled, knowing he needs to put an end to this before it’s too late. As Dev opens up to Karl he picks up a golf trophy and positions himself behind Dev…

As a homeless Tina moves into Rita and Dennis’s flat, Gary urges Tommy to talk to Tina. Tommy stands by Tina’s decision, but alone with Rita he admits he has doubts. Meanwhile in a bid to prove to the courts that they can offer the most stable home Izzy invites Gary to move back in. But it’s clear that Izzy and Gary are uncomfortable as a couple. 

When Kylie realises she can’t afford to book a stay in a cottage, Nick offers to chip in. But as David watches their furtive conversation it arouses his suspicions.

Also, Eileen vows to sort herself out so she can be proud of Paul’s job and not fearful.