Karl is in a difficult situation

Will Karl go along with Izzy's plan?

Karl is having a difficult time navigating the tensions between Izzy and Susan. Izzy is ovulating, so she puts pressure on Karl to make a decision quickly. However, Karl refuses to make a decision without talking to Susan first. Susan manages to hear Karl out, but makes it clear another child with Izzy would end their marriage. With Karl not prepared to lose his wife, he tells Izzy that he won’t be going ahead with her plan. However, when Izzy finds out that Karl will be participating in a medical trial related to fertility, she gets an idea…

Meanwhile, The West Waratah Star newspaper has printed a damming story about the Robinson Heights project and how the previous owners swindled elderly people out of thousands of pounds. Although the Robinsons are not responsible for the scandal, it reflects poorly on them, so Leo attempts to spin the negative press into good press. Will he be successful and will David find out that Rafael is behind the story?