Karl disapproves of Susan’s plan to help Libby

Karl is completely shocked by Susan’s idea of being a surrogate mother to Dan and Libby’s baby. Karl tries to convince Susan not to raise Libby’s hopes of having another baby when Susan’s idea is such a long shot. Susan presents a strong argument, with research showing that it might even help with her MS symptoms.

But Karl is unwilling to accept the risks he believes the birth poses to Susan’s health, and refuses to budge. However, seeing Libby’s unresolved baby longing, Susan defies Karl’s wishes and makes her offer to Libby. How will Libby react?

Despite the possibility that Sophie may be able to clear his name, Paul, shows a more caring side, and refuses to put a grieving child through the justice system. He prepares to face the music. But his sacrificial gesture is rewarded when Sophie comes forward and thanks him for trying to save her mother.

Lucas asks people to place bets on when they think Bridget will give birth. Few can resist what they see as a harmless bit of fun, but when Lou gets sprung by Miranda and Steve, Miranda’s the one who comes out on top.

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