Karl hangs back at closing time, pleading with Stella for another chance. But when she insists it’s over Karl refuses to take no for an answer and makes an unwelcome pass at her!

Katy and Ryan are kissing but spring apart when Dev walks in. Flustered, Katy’s back into a corner and tells him she’s quitting her job because Chesney objects. But when Fiz points out to Chesney that he should be supporting Katy’s work he has a change of heart and unwittingly pushes Katy back into Ryan’s arms.

Lloyd tries to grovel his way back into Mandy’s favour as the pair have a heart to heart.

Also, Gloria refuses to fork out for a funeral for Eric. Eva’s horrified, branding her a gold-digger, but Gloria later admits to Stella she doesn’t know what to do with her life now Eric’s gone; Paul’s mortified to discover that Sean has invited the factory girls to watch him do his Full Monty charity strip.