Karl gambles with Stella’s money

Karl takes a dangerous gamble with Stella’s money, but luck is on his side and he wins a small fortune. Giving it to Stella he announces it’s the deposit on the Rovers. But Stella’s furious when she realises where the money has come from.

Sian rushes back to No 4 in tears, intent on packing her things and leaving as fast as possible. Arriving home Sophie begs Sian to give her another chance, swearing she loves her to bits and it was just nerves in church. Sian’s head is a mess, but eventually she thaws and agrees the wedding is back on.

Frank admits to Anne that the pressure of his forthcoming trial is getting to him. Determined to do something Anne heads around to Carla’s, where a visiting Peter is forced to hide in the bedroom. But when Anne tries to bribe Carla into not testifying in return for Frank’s 40 per cent of Underworld, she’s stunned by the attempted blackmail.

Also, Steve‘s ex Beth gets a job at Frank’s factory; Mary steps up Norris’s piano training regime.