Karl gets a warning

Karl becomes increasingly concerned about his employer, when his boss issues a veiled threat to stop Karl from continuing to investigate defects in Vivex pharmaceuticals. Toadie warns Karl against doing battle against such a powerful enemy, but when Susan and Miranda are nearly run down by a suspicious motorbike, Karl takes matters into his own hands, falsely pledging loyalty to Vivex so he can find the evidence that will bring them down.

Determined to find out more about Oliver’s real father, charming school principal Richard Aaronow, Elle invents a fictional brother. But when Richard catches her out in the lie, Elle is forced to make a fast getaway, but accidentally leaves her Lassiter’s ID behind.

Later, Oliver finally reveals the horrifying truth about why he doesn’t want to know his treacherous father, and Elle is relieved that her anonymous visit hasn’t put Rebecca and Oliver in any danger. But Elle is unaware that Richard has used her ID to track her to Lassiter’s. And when Richard sees Elle reconciling with Rebecca, he ends up following them.

Also, Ned realises he needs to find a permanent home for him and Mickey. Janae offers the Timmins house but Ned isn’t sure about living with Janae out of convenience rather than love.