Karl has worrying news for Amber

Josh is secretly pleased when Amber explains he could be a father, after all he loves her. But his appearance at Amber’s ultrasound destroys any hope for Daniel and Amber having a lovely bonding moment and adds to their ongoing tension. But all of that is put aside when Karl discovers Amber has an unusually high blood pressure reading – a worrying sign that makes Amber reach out for Daniel’s support.

Karl offers wise words to Daniel: concentrate on Amber and the baby, the rest will sort itself out. Meanwhile, Imogen and Amber also have an encounter, and Imogen gives full rein to her disapproval, telling Amber that if Daniel were hers, she would never have done this to him.

Paul struggles to stick to his decision to stay away from Naomi, becoming jealous when he sees her playing a game of pool with Brennan. Off Karl’s advice that seeing the object of your affection with someone else is the best cure for unwanted feelings, Paul approaches Brennan with a surprising offer: tips on how to woo Naomi back.