Ringo is miserable after resigning and his friends, especially Donna, try to convince him to retake the course. Karl is blamed for causing Ringo to quit, but he retorts by saying that it was Ringo’s choice to make. The friends decide that they must solve the crisis of Ringo’s unemployment.

Lyn is incensed about Toadie and Steph’s upcoming wedding, and refuses to support their decision. She believes a wedding is a sacred commitment between two people who really love each other, and that Toadie and Steph are making a mockery of it because they will only be a couple for six months.

Lyn starts crying when she comes across a photograph of herself with Steph. Susan comforts her with a cup of tea and a conversation, during which Lyn nearly reveals Steph’s secret.

Ringo announces that he has a job interview with a builder, but his friends are not happy, knowing that it not really what he wants to do. Ringo points out that he has to do something while he figures out what to do with his life.

Steph is outraged when she discovers that Lyn nearly told her secret to Susan. An argument ensues, and Steph tells her mother to leave her alone.

How will Lyn make amends?

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