Karl is trying… extremely trying

Karl wants to show his support for Susan and tries to distract her from her responsibility to Jim. But Susan makes it clear that’s not the kind of support she needs – she needs to be there for Jim, and she needs Karl to accept that. To show his understanding and commitment to Susan’s wishes, Karl invites Jim over for lunch, but things go awry when the Peru trip is brought up…

Andrew and Summer manage to kick out the backpackers and get the Robinson House looking spick and span just in time for Paul’s return. In a close call, sharp-eyed Paul sees signs of visitors and Andrew pretends he had a party while his dad was away. Just as Andrew thinks he’s got away with his grand scheme, Paul happens upon a van full of backpackers in Ramsay Street!

Tash struggles to get her head around Michael’s punishment. She can’t bring herself to admit she’s going to boarding school. But when Chris expresses his excitement about all the events they’ve got coming up, Tash is forced to admit her father’s sending her away.