Karl is unsettled by news about Tom

Still trying to deal with the fact that Susan hid Tom’s return from him, Karl is further unsettled when Zeke confronts Susan with news that Lolly saw her kiss Tom at school camp. Susan denies it, but the old wounds are opened as the couple end up in a heated argument.

After Carmella is rude and insensitive to Toadie, Oliver becomes convinced that his girlfriend’s increasingly weird behaviour is due to her medication. He urges Carmella to ditch the dodgy drugs, but Carmella insists Dr Stone was right to prescribe them. But when Carmella almost does herself a serious injury she finally starts to think that she could be in deep trouble.

Bereft Paul demands Elle call an end to her ‘practical joke’ and give him back his business. But stubborn Elle refuses to budge until Paul realises the error of his evil ways – she’s prepared to wait for as long as it takes. However she’s shocked when desperate Paul begs her for cash, and she hands him a small amount, although she’s surprised at how low he’s sunk.

Also, Toadie moves in with Steph and the couple begin their new life together under the same roof.