Karl is upset

Karl is devastated to find out that Holly could be leaving Ramsay Street

Karl is upset that Holly has been accepted onto the exchange program and continues to blame Susan. Like a dog with a bone, Karl continues to reprimand Susan for orchestrating Holly’s year abroad, despite the fact that she continues to protest her innocence. Thankfully, Holly sets him straight and Karl has to accept that his daughter is ready to move away – but will Susan forgive him for his accusations?

Amy needs moral support for an upcoming date, so she ropes in Mark and Elly to tag along. Elly isn’t keen at first, as she doesn’t want to be around Mark due to her feelings for him. However, Elly decides to support Amy but her decision backfires as Elly and Amy’s friendship is left in tatters.

Also, Steph is still down in the dumps after her break-up with Jack. Gary encourages her to cleanse her spirit. Will Gary’s tips work and will Toadie finally realise that Steph needs his support?