Karl isn’t happy with Susan baring all

With preparations of the calendar in full swing, Susan is enjoying winding Karl up about posing seductively. He pretends he is OK about it but when Susan appears dressed in red leather, Karl can’t bear it any longer and tells her he isn’t happy about it and she’s no longer allowed to do the calendar. Susan tells him she was only winding him up and they come to an agreement as to what Karl doesn’t mind Susan showing off!

Rebecca reassures Andrew that they will get through this rough time and tells him that Michael will calm down because he loves Tash. However, at the Williams’s, Michael can barely bring himself to look at his daughter. Rebecca tells Andrew that Paul mustn’t find out about the pregnancy second hand and he needs to tell him before that happens.

Rebecca goes to see Michael and tells him he has to get over himself and act like the adult for Tash’s sake, he mustn’t shut Tash out like Rebecca’s dad did to her when she was pregnant at Tash’s age with Oliver. Taking Rebecca’s advice, Michael tells Tash he will support her.

Against Tash’s wishes, Andrew goes to see Michael and tells him he is not going anywhere. He tells Michael how he plans on taking care of Tash, while Tash listens on, panicking.

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