As Jason waits for Stella in the pub Karl drives to a deserted spot where he apologises to her for coming on strong the other night. She orders him to drive her home, but is thrown when an emotional Karl refuses. He is determined to make her listen.

Alison turns up at Kirsty’s door, asking where Tyrone is. She plays along as Kirsty rolls out her lies about Tyrone’s abusiveness, but when she gently quizzes Kirsty about wanting to punish Tyrone for his philandering, things begin to look promising for Tyrone.

Eileen suffers a touch of the green-eyed monster and confronts Paul about keeping Toni’s gender a secret. Paul’s shocked to see how upset she is. Will Eileen put the mockers on the strip show?

Also, Dev and Sunita enjoy spending time together with the kids, a reconciliation may be on the cards; Faye’s thrilled when Tim tells her he can attend her play after all.