Susan and Karl argue over whether to tell Rachel and Zeke the truth about Izzy’s baby. Susan finally agrees they can be honest with the kids, but is gobsmacked when Karl reveals Izzy has now decided to let him play a role in his daughter’s life, and he is going to London to see her and the baby. Karl attempts to reassure a dubious Rachel and Zeke that he’ll only be gone a week, while Susan struggles with the idea of Karl spending time alone with Izzy.

Sky is so deeply affected by her vivid dream about Stingray, that she decides to see a spiritualist. When she returns, she tells a disapproving Harold and Lou that she actually spoke to Stingray, and now feels much better.

Ringo is angry and hurt when Frazer tells him he has to go back home to their parents as he is no longer able to look after him. Lolly’s furious when she hears the news and lays into Frazer about how badly he’s treating Ringo.

When Ringo tells Lolly he’d rather run away than return home to Johnny and his parents, Lolly hatches a plan for Ringo to live in a tent pitched in the community gardens.