Karl quits his job for Libby

Libby is rocked by the hospital’s decision to refuse her IVF treatment. When it becomes clear that there is no medical reason for the decision, she is determined to take legal action. Dan is totally against the idea, fearing it will place too much strain on Libby.

She resents the idea that she can’t cope, but worries that a legal battle is asking too much of Susan. However, Karl identifies with Libby’s need to fight for what is right. Determined to stick up for his family, he decides to use public opinion to persuade the hospital, and is willing to sacrifice his job to do it.

Zeke is impressed by Steph’s laid-back attitude to house-sharing. But when the Kennedys fail to involve him in the surrogacy drama, he feels dejected and acts out. A study-session at Steph’s house gets out of hand and Steph arrives home to find her lounge trashed and Ringo and Donna about to get amorous on her couch.

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