Jason’s excited to learn he’s in the running for a building job for the council. Karl’s bitter after losing his job and follows Jason while formulating a plan. The meeting goes well, but Jason’s good mood evaporates when he realises his van has disappeared.

Paul’s frosty with Eileen, but he softens as she explains she lives in fear that he’ll leave her for someone else. Paul does his best to reassure her, but when Eileen later finds he’s been lying to her about his whereabouts she’s gutted and fears the worst.

Anna’s surprised to hear how many Barlows are attending the school play and confronts Brian about their limited tickets. She soon realises that Faye’s pulled a fast one to stop Owen going to her play.

Also, Ryan asks Katy if she’s jealous about his date with Steph. Flustered Katy denies it, but Ryan’s unconvinced; Fiz tells Tyrone that she persuaded Alison to speak to Kirsty, but Kirsty has no intention of withdrawing her allegations.