Karl struggles without Susan

Overhearing Karl on the phone to Susan, Summer can tell how upset Karl is with Susan being away. Andrew tries to come up with ideas as to how she can help and thinks it would be a good distraction to ask Karl to teach her to drive. Things start off well, until Summer gets behind the wheel! Karl’s devastated when Mal calls to tell him Susan’s staying in Anglesey and doesn’t want to see Karl any time soon.

Sonya’s worried about Jade getting hurt, following Michelle’s revelation about Jade and Kyle’s relationship. Jade assures her sister there’s nothing to worry about but Sonya’s not convinced. Wanting to keep anyone from finding out, Jade suggests they do their own thing when they’re out, but is happy for them to keep up their arrangement when they’re home. Kyle is more than happy with this.

Jade’s taken aback when Kate tells her she knows what Michelle said, but she’s soon relieved when Kate thinks it’s just a rumour made up by Michelle. When Jade tells Kyle that Kate knows, he asks why they’re hiding it, why don’t they just tell people what’s happening, but Jade’s adamant that’s a bad idea. However, when Kyle leaves Charlie’s to go to dinner with a girl, Jade’s clearly not OK with it.