Karl and Susan are left stunned

Will Izzy's actions cause heartbreak for Karl and Susan?

Susan is furious after Izzy’s revelation that Karl didn’t shut down the idea of another baby immediately. Karl and Susan discuss their options and threaten Izzy with legal action. Izzy is shocked, shaken and quickly threatens to stop Karl seeing Holly or their unborn baby. With Izzy causing a deep divide between the Kennedys will Karl and Susan be able to save their marriage? Also, is Izzy really pregnant?

Meanwhile, Rafael is coming to terms with his and Susan’s plans to bring down Paul. Rafael is on edge and he’s visibly uncomfortable at dinner with Paul and David. After dinner, Rafael and David have a heart to heart and Rafael shows David his burn scars. Expecting David to reject him, David embraces Rafael and the pair sleep together. The next morning, Rafael rings Susan and asks her to put a stop to their plans to make Paul pay, but it’s too late…