Karl takes an extreme risk

Karl is given the role of being the public face of the new Vivex Pharma campaign to export pharmaceutical drugs to the third world. But Karl is convinced the company is sending defective drugs, so breaks into the Vivex warehouse to steal a sample of the drugs for testing. If the drugs are flawed, Karl plans to expose the company’s illicit dealings.

Dodgy Julia pretends to assist Karl with the break-in aware he is being set up to be the scapegoat for the company’s recent underhand dealings. However, Karl and Julia get trapped in the warehouse and Julia ends up confessing everything to Karl. But is it too late?

Riley isn’t too happy when Miranda and Bridget find him. Bridget pleads with him to return to Erinsborough, if only to stop their parents worrying. Riley finally and reluctantly agrees to return but remains quiet about why he�s really keeping his distance.

Also, when Lucia sees Oliver interacting with Carmella during a yoga class, she becomes convinced they could reunite.