Fearing Mal won’t end his affair, Karl steps in and warns Jade that he knows what’s going on and warns her to stop it, now. Embarrassed and fearing the whole thing is becoming messy, Jade calls it quits. But is Mal ready to stop seeing her?

Unable to accept he’s missed out on a place in the Surgery program, Rhys appeals to Martin to pull some strings, but Martin says it’s impossible. Resigned to the idea he’s ruined his chance of being a surgeon, Rhys goes to a nursing home, where he sits in the grounds with an older lady in a wheelchair – his mum.

When she asks how he got on with the interview, he lies and tells her he got on the program. He’s speechless when she presents him with a gift – a plaque with his name and qualifications on for when he’s a qualified surgeon.

Following her disasterous attempt at making homemade soup for her dad, Tash is worried she’s failed as a carer and so invites Emilia over to help look after him. Uncomfortable with her being in his house, Michael attempts to cut the visit short, but Emilia assures him she’s not there to cause trouble.

When Tash asks if Emelia can spend more time with them he agrees, but warns Emelia that Tash can never know the truth. She agrees.