Karl and Susan struggle to overcome their marriage problems with Susan confessing that she finds it difficult to trust Karl. Libby lays into Karl for neglecting Susan, which gives him food for thought. And when Paul winds him up about no longer being one half of the perfect married couple, Karl takes action, telling Susan that he no longer wants her shut out of his life. Karl confesses that the illegal blood test Nicola took from Pete revealed he was HIV positive and if word leaks out, it could finish him as a doctor.

A school IQ test triggers competitiveness between the teens. Ringo feels a failure about his result and a close call with Dan’s car leaves Ringo smarting, but Dan convinces him to confide his problems in someone he trusts. But when Ringo arrives later to speak to Carmella, he doesn’t realise she’s in grave danger…

Toadie misreads Nicola’s sickness as pregnancy and concludes that Karl is the father. He tries to talk to Karl about it, but Karl maintains patient confidentiality.

Also, Rachel is unsure that Ty’s offer to sing in his band is genuine.