Karl suggests inviting Lloyd to the Rovers for Christmas. But before Karl can invite him Stella rushes to the cab office and gets in first, telling Lloyd he’ll have to turn him down. But the conversation has gone out over the switch and Karl has heard everything. He suspects they’re having an affair.

As Leanne frets over a still absent Peter, he wakes up at Carla’s. As they talk about last night it’s clear they didn’t have sex, but there’s an intense bond between them. As they go for a walk Peter tells Carla how much he loves her. Meanwhile, Leanne has given Peter’s details to the police. Simon’s desperate for his dad to come home, but as Peter ignores his phone he comes to a decision about his future.

When Owen spots a driver delivering a batch of Christmas trees for Chesney he sees his chance to get revenge and instructs the driver to pile them on the Platts’ drive. David’s furious when he finds their drive filled with Christmas trees, just as the social worker arrives!

Also, Kirsty’s spent her first night at no 9 after officially moving in and Tyrone’s loved up; Jason‘s unimpressed when he catches Eileen writing a Christmas card to Paul and Lesley.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Peter tells Carla he’ll go home now, do what he has to do, then meet her later. But when he arrives back on the street and is met by an angry Ken and a panic-stricken Leanne and Simon it pulls at his heart strings. Faced with Leanne’s guilt Peter counters that when things get tough he will always drink and they should split up now. It’s a forceful tirade aimed to shock Leanne into ending their marriage, but it doesn’t work.

Karl’s now convinced that Stella and Lloyd are having an affair and confronts them in the Rovers. Lloyd’s forced to admit he made a pass as Karl bars him from the pub. Lloyd tells Becky it’s time to sell up and leave the street. Her ears pricking up, Becky makes Lloyd an offer he can’t refuse!

As Chesney and Gary clear the Christmas trees off the Platts’ drive, selling a few in the process, Owen is seething to discover his van’s tyres have been let down.

Also, when Kirsty notices the easy friendship between Tyrone and Fiz she’s put out to hear they have history; Paul comes to thank Eileen for her card and saysChristmas is going to be tough. Her heart goes out to him and Eileen finds herself offering help.