Karl tries to help Nicola

Noticing that Nicola is being bullied at the hospital, Karl ignores the gossips and tries to make things easier for her. Feeling sorry for Nicola, Karl takes it upon himself to ask Toadie if Nicola can move into his spare room at Number 30 and Toadie agrees, much to Callum’s delight.

But Karl’s good deed outrages Susan who fears her husband may have succumbed to Nicola’s charms. Later, Steve confides his worries to Karl that his marriage might not survive having Nicola living so close by. After Nicola moves in, Steve also tells Toadie how unhappy he is at his decision to let Nicola stay.

Everyone questions Ty’s true nature when they conclude that he was the one stalking Rachel. But when Rachel investigates, she begins to suspect that jilted Justin is her stalker. She confronts him and tries to make him confess. He eventually admits he was the one harassing her, because Rachel made fun of him in front of his mates. Feeling guilty about blaming Ty, Rachel attempts to make it up to him, but is she too late?