Harold has had a heart attack and is in a critical condition in hospital. As Karl prepares to resuscitate him, he discovers that Harold has a Not For Resuscitation (NFR) order on his file. Not wanting to lose someone else close to him, Karl ignores the order.

Harold is furious, he had found Madge again, but Karl has bought him back and taken her away from Harold. He feels he’s lost her for the second time. He doesn’t want to go on. So Steph and Donna bring the street to him and the neighbours rally around to inspire him to live on. Moved by the love and support of his neighbours, Harold forgives Karl and finds the will to keep going.

Paul stands Cass up on a date and she’s furious. When she later sees him with Sam she puts two and two together and gets five. Cass confronts Sam, and Steph overhears Sam’s terrible secret: the baby she is carrying is not Dan’s. Although she and Libby are barely speaking, she goes straight to her. Dan is gutted. Is this the end for Sam?

Bridget and Declan have volunteered to babysit for Callum as a way of practising their parenting skills – but they discover it is not as easy as it looks.

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