Jim, after hearing Karl’s prognosis from Susan, makes the decision to cease chemotherapy. Rhys is furious and has a go at Karl for interfering in his patient’s treatment. He tells Karl he’s fed up with working in a ‘backwater’ like Erinsborough. Karl realises Susan betrayed his confidence and is livid.

Susan defends her actions but Karl lashes out, telling her Jim isn’t Alex. In the midst of the drama, who should turn up on the doorstep but Mal! He immediately senses tension, but his mum and dad try to reassure him that everything’s OK.

Tash remains distant from Michael as he practices his hands-off approach to parenting. Feeling hurt, Tash finds solace at PirateNet. Summer’s frustrated that her debate about who controls the media hasn’t really taken off, so when Tash arrives, Summer has an idea. She ropes Tash into talking about her photo scandal.

Fearing she’ll never win Michael over if she’s still playing the victim, Tash is reluctant. But Summer convinces her and Tash goes on air. Little does she know that Michael’s tuning in. When he sees her afterwards, he makes his disgust clear and hands her the bill for cleaning the graffiti. Will Tash ever win back his respect?