Karl vows to find Zeke

Karl blames himself for Zeke’s disappearance and puts up missing person posters all over town, with his own mobile number on it. Karl gets a call from someone who has apparently sighted Zeke but Susan believes it is clearly a bogus lead. Karl goes anyway and when Steve finds him sleeping at the bus shelter where Zeke was supposedly seen, Susan tries to talk sense into him, but he won’t give up the search.

Rachel, in an attempt to escape her true feelings, throws herself at Ty wanting to take their relationship to the next level. When Steph realises what’s happened between them, she accuses Ty of taking advantage of Rachel. When Ty tells Rachel he’d never do anything to hurt her, and tells her he loves her, Rachel doesn’t respond in like, not letting Ty into her heart.

Donna’s plan to win Ringo back backfires and Tegan gives Donna some sisterly advice, but with an ulterior motive as she wants to get closer to Ringo. Simon sees how much pain Donna is in and gives Ringo some advice about his sister. When Donna reveals her deepest secrets to Ringo and offers him a ring of friendship, he forgives her and they get back together.

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