Karl worries that Susan’s MS has retuned

Karl catches Susan lying about going on a lunch date with Libby, and worries her MS has returned. He asks Libby to find out what’s going on, but Susan refuses to give anything away. Unable to bear not knowing, Karl pressures Susan into revealing all. Susan explains that there’s no problem with her health. In fact, MS aside, she’s never been healthier – which is great because she’d like to be the surrogate mother for Dan and Libby’s baby.

Sunny’s decision to hang out with Zeke rather than study causes her to fail an assignment. Lashing out, Sunny blames Dan’s teaching methods for her failure. However, with the threat of her parents being called and them finding out about her relationship with Zeke, Sunny cuts off the thing she sees as the reason she’s neglecting her studies: Zeke.

Miranda can’t hide her disappointment about missing out on Bridget and Declan’s spontaneous wedding. Steve makes Bridget see that although their wedding was an honest declaration of their love for each other, it failed to include the love of her family. Bridget tries to make it up to her parents by asking Miranda to organise a belated reception, and the Parkers and Napiers are thrilled to take part.

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