Sunny convinces Zeke not to quit PirateNet, and encourages him to be honest with Karl. But when Zeke sees how enthused Karl is by his experiences on the radio, he can’t do it. When Karl gets himself sacked by breaching the station charter, Zeke, knowing how much it means to him, starts an on-air campaign to bring him back. But Sunny rings up Zeke’s show and gives him an on-air serve for not being honest with his listeners.

Elle secures the garage a lucrative corporate car account and Steph vows to do everything she can to give their new clients superior service. Meanwhile a chauvinist customer, ‘Hot’ Rod Falzon brings a car in and insists Lucas work on his car. Steph does her best to ignore his attitudes but when he pushes her too far, she finds a way to set him straight. But she finds out that ‘Hot’ Rod is the manager of the corporate car firm and now the deal is off.

Trying to distract himself from girl troubles, Toadie buys himself a classic, gas-guzzling car. Still hurt by Sonya’s rejection and aware she’s a greenie, Toadie rubs in his purchase and suggest Sonya has no grounds to argue – after all, her boyfriend drives a heavy polluting ute.

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