Karl’s in the firing line

Sky is relieved when she learns that Dylan is dropping his custody case for baby Kerry, but she’s still unable to forgive Karl and Susan for their meddling during her pregnancy. Later, she devastates both Karl and Susan by announcing she intends to report them to the medical board.

Lyn worries about Paul’s increasing anger at Dylan’s casual attitude toward Elle, and encourages him to let Elle fight her own battles. Later, with Rosie still on his mind, Paul panics when Lyn tells him they should refrain from intimate activities until their wedding night.

So Paul is pleased when Lyn informs him that she has booked them into pre-marriage Catholic counselling, welcoming anything that will keep him on the straight and narrow. But Lyn is angry and hurt when the Catholic priest refuses to marry a divorcee, and Paul tells her he’ll find her another church if that’s what she wants.

Despite his attraction for Steph, Toadie rejects her advances, knowing she’s still in love with Max. A vulnerable Steph apologises for treating Toadie so badly and confides that she’s worried that she’ll never recover from her grief over Max. Toadie promises he’ll always be there to support her.

Also, The Timmins family flaunt their newfound wealth on Ramsay Street, with Janelle throwing a personal ‘Botox’ party.