Karl’s pushed to breaking point!

As Karl’s dragged away from Craig’s ‘school bullies’ having clearly lost it with them Stella’s unnerved by his behaviour. Back at the pub she demands answers. Karl lies, blaming pre-wedding nerves. Stella heads to Leanne’s flat for her hen night, but she’s hardly in the mood. Meanwhile, later at the Rovers Jason’s presence is needling Karl as he and Dev pore over photos of the Full Monty night, noticing Karl disappeared in the middle. Confronting Karl, Jason outright accuses him of setting fire to the pub. With all eyes on Karl, he denies everything.

As Hayley’s welcomed home by some of her closest friends she enjoys catching up on what she’s missed. She’s clearly exhausted, but urges Roy not to pussyfoot around her, she wants to savour every moment and make the most of the time she has left.

Sally’s landed with a bump after her morning spent on cloud 9 as Tim makes it clears he’s just looking for a bit of fun. But when Tyrone warns Tim not to mess Sally around as there’s no half-way with her, Tim agrees to take her to Stella’s wedding.

Also, Audrey’s presence in the flat wears thin on Marcus.