When Karl has to rush to hospital to help Lucas, he must walk out on his gig with The Right Prescription at Charlie’s. Lucky for Ajay, Kyle has an idea – Georgia can fill in. It takes a lot of encouragement, but Georgia finally agrees. She overcomes initial nerves and wows the crowd. But Ajay’s thrown when Sheila offers The Right Prescription a weekly gig on one condition – Georgia fronts the band from now on.

Kate and Mason are happy to be back together, and Kate suggests a family dinner. Paul is more than reluctant to dine with the Turners, but accepts for Kate’s sake. The dinner is full of tension and comes to a head at dessert when Paul ends up leaving. Kate and Mason are left wondering how they can make their relationship work.

After collapsing at the garage, Lucas is finally found by Chris and rushed to hospital where Karl admits his cancer may have returned. Lucas is rushed for surgery. Blaming herself for demanding a big wedding, Vanessa keeps a vigil.

Finally, Karl reveals Lucas is in the clear. Overwhelmed with relief, Lucas and Vanessa vow they’ll be honest with each other from now on.