Kasim is feeling suffocated at the Bartons’ (VIDEO)

Kasim is finding it all a bit full-on with Finn and the Bartons in Emmerdale

At the Bartons’, it’s all becoming a bit too intense for Kasim, who’s being swallowed up by the family. When Emma suggests he join them for yet another Barton get-together, will Kasim make his escape?

At the Woolie, the singles’ night gets underway and Kerry’s determined that no one will get their hands on her ex, Dan. Wanting to make the mechanic jealous, she flirts with Tommy, but ends up making a fool of herself. The situation spirals when Joanie then finds Tommy hauling drunk Kerry out of the pub and into the back of his van…

Angelica and Elliot show Nicola and Jimmy what they have been planning for their parents. Elsewhere, Chrissie isn’t best pleased when she learns her sister has invited half the village to their New Year’s Eve party.


Watch this clip from the episode.