Kat feels uncomfortable about her scars and can’t bring herself to go out. After agreeing to let Mick and Linda babysit the twins, Kat realises Bert doesn’t have his favourite toy. Forcing herself to go to the Vic, Kat finds Stacey, who talks her into having a drink. It’s not long before Kat regains her former confidence. When Alfie learns Kat is with Stacey, he rushes to interrupt them. But they return home to discover Mo and the kids out on the pavement with all their belongings… Kat is stunned to realise that they’ve been squatting!

Linda books a phone appointment with an abortion clinic to talk about her options. After Mick offers to help out Alfie, Linda finds herself lumbered with babysitting the twins for a few hours to give Kat a break. When Sharon invites Linda and Mick for a drink at The Albert, they accept. With her abortion clinic chat looming, Linda makes an excuse to leave. Linda breaks down on the phone, admitting she can’t have the baby.

Fatboy asks Carol to check on Dot, still worried that something is up. When Carol approaches Dot, she is stunned to learn that Nick is back. Dot assures Carol that everything is under control, advising Carol to stay away.

Also, Billy reassures Pam he will keep her secret safe.