Kat and Alfie finds out that it’s Shenice’s birthday and they decide to throw her a party with the local kids. Shenice tells Alfie she’d like spring rolls as a birthday treat. Alfie pops out to get some. Alfie is heartbroken when he returns to discover that Martina is back with her boyfriend and has been round to collect Shenice.

Ian worries that Jane has left him but he’s relieved when she returns home. Jane meets up with Tanya in the Vic but avoids Tanya’s questions about Ian. Jane pretends to be impressed when Ian buys her flowers. Ian thinks all is well but is shocked when he realises that Jane is sobbing.

Alfie is helping Kat in the Vic and not knowing that Shirley and Phil’s wedding has been cancelled, he sets up the wedding decorations for the reception while Kat is out. Kat is unimpressed when she gets back as Shirley walks in and sees them. Shirley has lost her engagement ring. Shenice finds it and Shirley pawns it so she can leave the Square. Phil goes to hospital with a heart twinge. Ben asks Shirley to talk to Phil. Shirley finds Phil and coldly hands him a bottle of vodka and a rock of crack…

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