Dylan grills Ash about his attempt to strangle Charlotte. After the interview is over, Dylan sees Kat and Ash talking and questions Kat on the status of their relationship. Kat says the pair are just friends and nothing will hinder her judgment in the investigation.

Nate is trying to come to terms with the news that Brax is still alive and later calls time on his relationship with Ricky. Kyle is determined to find his brother and, after being dumped, Ricky wants to give Brax a piece of her mind. 

Evelyn visits Hannah and takes full responsible for her intimate moment with Andy. Next, Hannah apologises for judging Andy harshly and the pair talk about their feelings.

Later, Andy is over the moon that Josh is starting to get his sight back and, when Evelyn finds out, she rushes round and hugs him. The pair begin to talk, but when Josh sees a text on Evelyn’s phone about her kiss with Andy, they’re back to square one.