Kat and Dylan’s secret is out!

Emerson berates Kat for not being honest about her relationship with Dylan and has no choice but to report their affair. Meanwhile, Ash agrees with Hannah and Phoebe that they will have to let Kat make her own choices when it comes to Dylan.

Phoebe and Ash go to the garage to sign the insurance paperwork, when a flirtatious female customer makes a move on Ash. With Phoebe present, Ash admits he’s sleeping around to cope with their break-up.

Maddy tells Roo about the online abuse but Matt overhears and goes to the police station, demanding Kat looks into the online trolling. Kat promises to do her best but, a few hours later, she tells Maddy that there’s nothing the police can do, as online abusers are difficult to track down.

Kyle turns up at Angelo’s after making bail and tells Ricky that he facing five years in prison. Stunned, she asks him to walk her down the aisle at her wedding…