Kat and Nate are finished!

Hannah asks Kat how her break was, but Kat brushes off the questions and Hannah admits she has feelings for Chris. The next morning, Kat confesses the trip hasn’t changed anything between her and Nate. Kat and Nate finally decide to be honest and admit their relationship is beyond repair.

When Kat and Nate come home, they’re horrified to see Chris’s party in full swing, and immediately tell people to go home. Chris won’t stop banging on about the girl he’s kissed, which leads Hannah to storm out. Chris finds Hannah under the pier and, when he questions why she got so upset with him, she spontaneously kisses him!

Also, Maddy flirtatiously whispers something in Oscar’s ear, leaving Matt conflicted. Matt confesses to VJ that he has feelings for Maddy. Meanwhile, Oscar and Maddy are desperate for some alone time, so Oscar asks to borrow Matt’s van…