Alfie and Kat welcome the punters to the refurbished Vic. Roxy helps with the beer pumps and a grateful Alfie goes to plant a friendly smacker on Roxy’s cheek. Roxy turns her head and they accidentally lock lips. A furious Kat grabs Roxy by her hair extensions. Alfie steps in and tells Kat that she’s barred!

Denise has a letter for Jane about her secret savings account, but Ian interrupts them. Ian invites Christian and Syed over to the house for an announcement. Ian directs them into the garden where Bobby is standing with a ribbon wrapped round him. Ian announces that the court date for Bobby’s adoption has come through. Bobby reads a poem for Jane and Ian tells Jane that they will soon be a proper family.

Vanessa finds out that Harry told Darren that he’s not Jodie’s father. Max and Vanessa talk about the situation and agree that Jodie should know the truth. Jodie turns up at the car lot looking upset and says that Harry has just called her. Darren jumps to conclusions and comforts her about finding out Harry is not her dad. Jodie is stunned – she didn’t speak to Harry!

Also, Stacey and Ryan kiss.

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