Kat and Ash rekindle their romance

Tori is jealous as Kat and Ash work on their relationship

Kat and Ash are back on track and Tori’s forced to grin and bear it as they both tell her how amazing their date was. Kat can’t stop telling Tori how things between her and Ash are exactly how they used to be – sexy and exciting; while Ash says their date was fantastic but things just don’t feel quite right. Tori soon realises she can’t keep being caught in the middle of the lovebirds and decides to distance herself. However, Tori’s new attitude towards Kat and Ash raises Kat’s suspicions. Will Kat find out that Tori has a crush on Ash?

Meanwhile, John and Marilyn are doing their best to be good role models to Raffy. Marilyn is worried that Raffy isn’t working on an important school assignment and wants John to get her back on track. Will John’s efforts to get Raffy to do her school work backfire?

Also, Zannis wants Brody to do another drug delivery, but Brody tells him to get lost. Unwilling to take no for answer, Zannis and his henchmen corner Brody. At first Brody isn’t intimidated, but when Zannis threatens to poison Raffy, it forces Brody to think twice about delivering the drugs.