Kat becomes manager of The Vic footie team

Alfie’s keen to get The Queen Vic football team off the ground, but fails to interest potential players. Kat decides to take over recruiting for the team using all the weapons in her arsenal, including flirtation, vanity and family problems to convince Ray, Jack and Max to sign up. Alfie tells Kat she’s been too successful – they now have too many!

Joey tries to convince Alice to return home claiming their gran is visiting. When Alice finds out it’s a lie she makes it clear she wants to stay in Walford. Meanwhile, Derek asks Max to take on Joey and asks Kat to sign him up for the football team. Joey realises that Derek’s trying to tie him down to Walford. In light of Alice’s decision he accepts a job – with Michael – as he knows it will annoy Derek.

Lola angrily confronts Phil, thinking Jay has grassed her up for throwing the chip fat on Max’s cars. Phil is sure Jay’s not a grass and talks to him. When Jay gets Lucy to confess she admits she only put the police o nto Lola to stop them asking questions about a missing Ian. Lola returns home to find the police waiting and is taken in for questioning.