Alfie needs to tell Kat about the divorce but first breaks the news to Jean, while Roxy lets slip to a shocked Michael. Kat’s hopes are raised when Alfie arranges to meet her. When he reveals he’s filing for divorce, she’s crushed. Pleading for a second chance, Kat is distraught when Alfie insists it’s over. When Kat realises Michael and Jean already know she causes a scene in the pub, calling Alfie pathetic.

Kirsty is angry when she has a day off work and Max won’t spend the day with her. Heading to the cafe alone, Kirsty sees Lauren, who takes her back to hers to talk. Over a glass of wine, Lauren points out that it’s a pattern she recognises, with Kirsty yelling and Max forced to apologise. To prove she’s not like Tanya, Kirsty heads to the car lot to make up with Max, showing him she’s put her wedding ring back on.

Dot is frustrated with Patrick when instead of admitting he wants to stay in Walford, he says he’s moving to Scotland to live with his son Anthony. Dot can’t stand by and let Patrick leave out of stubborn pride so she tells Kim and Denise the truth. Patrick is delighted when the sisters say they want him to stay with them.