Kat betrays Brax

Kyle believes he has convinced Kat to help Brax prove his innocence. But in a massive U-turn, Kat hands in photographic evidence that Brax breached his bail conditions. After learning that his trial is only two weeks away, Brax runs and it’s left to Ash to track him down.

John’s attempt to remove the mural, which Josh painted, is stopped by a peaceful protest including some students, Jett and Marilyn. However, John believes the students will soon get bored and move on. So he’s shocked to see that the group has slept by the mural overnight to protect the painting and now have a petition.

Oscar is late to Maddy’s chemotherapy appointment. She develops a temperature after her first session, so Nate keeps her in as a precaution. Before falling asleep, Maddy tells Oscar she is ‘not going to let him go.’ When Maddy wakes up the next day, she is disappointed that Oscar has left for school. Meanwhile, Oscar confides in Alf that he doesn’t think Maddy’s feelings will last when she’s better.