Kat catches Whitney stealing

Janine guilt-trips Whitney into stealing alcohol from the Vic. Kat finds Whitney’s bag with three bottles of vodka stashed in it. Kat sacks Whitney, who leaves the pub without her wages. Whitney doesn’t know what to do and and tries to sell her phone and MP3 player to pay the rent. Janine is furious when she finds out Whitney has been sacked and she slaps her. A broken Whitney gathers up her belongings.

Ronnie nervously goes to her first counselling session alone. In the waiting room Ronnie sees a magazine article about babies that distresses her and she leaves just as the counsellor calls her name. Ronnie lies to Jack that she saw the counsellor and says it was helpful. Ronnie feels guilty when Jack tells her he’s proud of her.

Shirley waits by Heather’s hospital bed as she sleeps. When Heather comes round, Shirley apologises to her for being a bad friend. Dot and Shirley go to Heather’s bedsit and are horrified by the state it’s in. Heather gets out of hospital. Darren tells Heather that he’ll be looking after George for the time being. Heather is devastated, but realises that it’s for the best.

Also, Roxy takes a pregnancy test, but it’s negative.