Kat comes clean to Nate

Kat confronts Billie about her lies against Nate, but Billie smugly sticks to her story. Later, Kat makes amends with Nate by being honest about her abusive relationship with her ex-fiancée and that was the real reason she let go of his hand, not because she doubted him.

Phoebe and Ash search for Ricky together, there is no sign of her but clear signs of chemistry between the pair. Ricky is hiding away in a cabin looking through pictures of her and Brax on her phone; feeling alone she starts to write a goodbye note to friends and family.

Meanwhile, Marilyn and John look after Casey. John quickly forms a bond with Casey and the pair decide they could babysit more until Ricky returns.

Chris confronts Billie about her accusations, but she turns the tables by kissing him. When Billie leaves the room, Chris searches her handbag, finds proof that she posted the embarrassing pictures of Kat around the Bay and makes it his mission to help Nate.