Kat confronts her past

Kat confesses to Stacey that she kissed someone the night before. Initially supportive, when Stacey finds out it was Max, she’s exasperated with Kat, warning her to stop pushing Alfie away. Kat pulls a sickie at work, meeting Alfie in the park for a picnic. After opening up about their feelings, Kat admits that she wants to get back together with Alfie. She’s gutted when Alfie sadly reflects that he’s the problem in her life. Realising she has to face her past, Kat arrives at a convent…

Sharon is angered by Phil’s double dealing. Unimpressed by his jubilation at playing a trick on Max, she warns him she’ll walk away from him if he doesn’t clean up his act. When Sharon learns that Phil met up with Ritchie, she demands some answers. Phil reveals he’s asked Ritchie to represent Dot, as well as hiring a PI to find Sharon’s real dad.

Max is feeling sorry for himself after losing out to Phil. When he bumps into Abi and discovers that Phil has promised her a new car as a reward for getting a job, he feels neglected by his own family. After getting drunk, Max breaks down on Carol.