Kat confronts Ronnie about Tommy

Ronnie feels uneasy when Roxy heads out as she’s scared that people hate her. Ronnie answers the phone, but there’s no one on the end of the line and she gets even more freaked out when someone rings the doorbell. Ronnie rushes out of the flat to try to find Roxy, but she’s scared when she sees Tanya and returns inside. Ronnie finds Kat waiting for her. Kat wants to talk about Tommy…

Jane and Ian have another row. Bobby runs up to them and clutches them both. Jane and Ian feel awful that Bobby has been witness to yet another argument. Jane tells Ian that it’s best if she moved out. Ian begs her to stay and says he loves her. Ian is heartbroken as Jane leaves him and Walford.

Zainab says that Ian’s claims of Masood’s affair are madness. Masood insists to Zainab that he hasn’t cheated on her. Zainab seems to believe him and breezes out of the Vic. The Masoods gather for the opening of the refurbished Argee Bhajee. Masood is worried by Zainab’s strange mood. When they’re alone Zainab calmly tells Masood that as soon as Tamwar’s wedding is over she wants him out of the house.

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