**hour-long episode

Kat won’t give up on Stacey and talks Alfie into finding her. At Stacey’s, they persuade Luke to let them in. Kat is shocked when Luke reveals what’s been going on. Luke tries to stop Stacey leaving but is forced to let her go with Alfie and Kat. After they return to the Square, Alfie worries to Kat about harbouring Stacey, who is still wanted over Janine’s claim that she stabbed her.

Ian’s given food for thought when Jane says he’s not been the best father, as Peter and Lucy are upset he won’t oppose the market closure. Stepping up to the plate, Ian gets the traders to stage a sit-in. Realising he still has feelings for Jane, Ian is scuppered from stopping her leaving, but Jane announces she’ll buy into Scarlett’s after all!

The Carters get a visit from Aunt Babe, who does some tough talking about the future of the Vic. While talking about Stan’s money, Aunt Babe lets slip that Shirley’s son Dean was staying with Stan. A shocked Shirley confronts Stan, who claims that Dean is long gone. As a disappointed Shirley leaves, Stan tells a shadowy figure that Shirley hasn’t changed…