Kat digs up Patrick’s past…

Will Kat's fears be put to rest?

Patrick and Ash brush off Kat’s concerns about Patrick’s sleepwalking. Ash continues to bury his head in the sand, as he’s desperate to reconnect with his brother. Kat, however, knows something is seriously wrong with Patrick and gets in touch with her military contact to dig up his records. Kat’s contact sends her Patrick’s files, but Patrick catches her in the act! Will there be consequences for Kat’s nosey behaviour?

Ash is annoyed when Irene says that Luc is sleeping and that he’ll have to reorganise his planned outing with his niece for another day. Now in a foul mood, Ash heads to The Diner, where Roo and Olivia discuss Irene’s difficult past with her own children. After hearing stories of Irene as a drunken mother, he storms into her house and tells her that he’ll be fighting her in court for custody of Luc!